Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Force Awakens - Ray Wonsowski

Putting TURN on hold another week to do this week's pick...


Panel 1- white panel, borderless, black text as follows: 

1977. My Dad takes me and my brother to see Star Wars. Some old cinema off a New Jersey highway. 

The moment is...

Panel 2- interior, the cinema. DAD, ME age 7, and my BROTHER age 4, in our theatre seats, huddled close, DAD'S arms about our shoulders as we look up at us (the screen) in wide-eyed excitement and slack-jawed ecstasy. My BROTHER is whooping in glee, about to come out of his seat. No copy.

Panel 3- repeat of panel 2, but this time it's adult ME, with my WIFE, 11-YEAR-OLD SON, and 8-YEAR-OLD SON, arms around each other, and the youngest whooping and all of us smiling and laughing in our cinema seats, wearing 3D glasses and having a blast. No copy.

Panel 4- white panel, borderless, black text as follows: 

2015. The Force Awakens. I get to share the magic the same way my Dad did. "It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds us together." 

The moment is...

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  1. A lovely look at that magical opportunity to share experiences along generations the way only things like Star Wars can. Glad you got the chance to pass that onto your kids, Ray. :)


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