Friday, January 1, 2016

Warren Ellis--Fell--David Press


1.1: We’re looking down at a pile of white snow with streaks of black gun powder, a Red Bull can, and some wiring that sits charred at the end.

            NO DIALOGUE.

1.2: Same size shot, but this time we’re looking at the exploded end of a SNOWMOBILE.

            NO DIALOGUE.      

1.3: Now we’re looking at a lower torso wearing nothing but entrails and snowpants. The snow is weird mixture of gunpowder and blood. The villain of this story is using home made bombs accessorized by Red Bull cans to ward off Snowmobilers from riding around his property.

            1. FELL [O.P]: I mean, I know people hate these folks, but…

1.4: Profile shot of Fell as he looks down at the body.

            2. FELL [O.P]: …Damn.

1.5: SCARLY, a leather jacket wearing, black haired and pale-skinned Russian CSI looks over at Fell.

            3. SCARLY: Never thought anyone would be able to jury-rig landmines to scare off snowmobilers.

1.6: From behind their heads we can see a large panel of the YARD fixed with a house in the center with a red door. 

            4. SCARLY: You have to admit it is kind of genius.

1.7: Black on white lettering title credits, stretching across the bottom tier:

            4. DISPLAY LETT: Fell in “Death to Snow-Mobilers”

            5. DISPLAY LETT: Creator credits.

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