Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why Dilraj Mann's 014?

Guys, I'm really into Alison Sempel and Ian MacEwan's Think of a City.

For the unfamiliar, it's basically an ongoing art project where different creators are slowly discovering a new "city", one picture at a time.  Every new piece is built upon the preceding one in some capacity, while having lots of room to diverge and experiment.  If you haven't already seen it, you owe yourself to check it out.

I love seeing the connections from one entry into the next, watching as the city evolves along with its contributors.  I love seeing how each person puts their own spin on the idea, while holding true to the overall concept.  Most of all, I love poring over each and every piece to discover the story held within.

I could have pitched Think of a City as the week's pick, but considering how much there is to choose from (50 entries and counting), I knew that, while such a broad selection would create a week of beautiful, excellent scripts, I wanted something slightly more unifying (not to mention the ability to come back to this idea down the line, if I so choose).

Therefore, I want to hone in on a single piece: Dilraj Mann's stunning 014.

I could tell you everything about it that grabs me, but I'm more interested in knowing what draws you in.  Therefore, this week we'll be writing up one-pagers inspired by this gorgeous piece of art.  As always, we'd love to see your take, so if you want to play-at-home, don't hesitate to add your script to the comments below.

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