Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blind Al – Blind Logic – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: DEADPOOL is at BLIND AL’s house. Her sunglasses have been replaced with some kind of high-tech version that allows her to see. A fresh, hot pot of coffee is stationed nearby.

DEADPOOL (1): There’s something different about you.

YELLOW BOX: Is it a new haircut? It’s a new haircut.

BLIND AL (1): Oh, you noticed my new sight glasses.

BLIND AL (2): The best in artificial sight technology, built off of years of superhero shenanigans.

DEADPOOL (2): That was going to be my second guess.

Panel 2: AL ‘accidentally’ – but not really – knocks the coffee over so that it lands on DEADPOOL.


AL (1): Whoops!

AL (2): Sorry, I’m still getting use to them.

Panel 3: DEADPOOL stands near a dartboard. The dartboard, however, is empty – the darts, being thrown by AL, have all hit DEADPOOL in the chest instead.


AL: My bad!

Panel 4: A wrapped CHIMICHANGA that AL was tossing to DEADPOOL goes wide – it flies in his general direction, but not close enough that DEADPOOL could actually be expected to catch it.

AL (1): Oops!

AL (2): Silly me.

Panel 5: A car being driven by AL runs over DEADPOOL.


Panel 6: A highly beat-up DEADPOOL lies on the ground, it’s pretty clear that if he wasn’t DEADPOOL, the impact from AL hitting him with her car would have killed him. BLIND AL stands over him.

AL: Sorry, Wade, I didn’t see you there.

YELLOW BOX: I’m starting to get the impression that Al’s not being honest about her glasses.


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