Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blind Al - Housewarming - Grant McLaughlin

I won't lie, I'm not crazy up on my current Deadpool continuity.  I gather he's married?  Or dead?  Maybe both?  Either way, on this page, he's having Blind Al (and a bunch of other people) over to his new pad for a housewarming, which is mostly just a house in suburbia that's filled with his junk.

1 - Establishing shot of Deadpool's house, which is just a regular suburban house.  There might even be matching ones on either side.  There's evidence of the people in attendance outside (the Spider-Buggy is parked in the driveway, some members of Hydra are walking up to the door, etc).
NOTE: Throughout the rest of the page, feel free to litter the background with all manner of cameos and the like to show that the party is bumpin'.

DEADPOOL (within): Welcome to the Pool House!

BLIND AL (within): Did you really name it that?  Are there any cute cabana boys about?

DEADPOOL (within): Why does everyone keep asking that question?

2 - Blind Al sits at a table.  Deadpool is walking from the kitchen counter, a cup of coffee in his hand.  Deadpool looks gravely concerned, while Al facepalms at his stupidity.  A beer sits across from Al on the table.

BLIND AL: Is there at least, you know, a pool?

DEADPOOL: Al, you're talking to him right now!

BLIND AL (1): I'm blind, not demented.

BLIND AL (2) (quietly): Which is clearly more than can be said for you...

3 - Deadpool sits down next to Al, putting his arm around her shoulder in a chummy way.  The coffee is in front of Al on the table.  Deadpool is about to take a swig of his beer.

DEADPOOL: Oh, Al.  Isn't this nice?  Just like old times, eh?

BLIND AL: You mean like when you tortured me incessantly?

4 - On Deadpool as he open his eyes wide in shock, slurping up a bunch of beer accidentally.

DEADPOO: *slurp!*

5 - Deadpool scratches at the back of his head awkwardly, trying to steer the conversation elsewhere.

DEADPOOL: I always, uh, thought of it more as showing I cared.  In my own unique way.

BLIND AL: Water under the bridge, Wade.

6 - Blind Al calmly holds the cup of coffee.  Deadpool is shocked again, but for different reasons, looking at his beer in a surprised manner.

BLIND AL (1): You're right though.  It is nice to see you again.

BLIND AL (2): And speaking of old times, I spiked your drink with enough laxatives to kill an elephant.

7 - Al takes a sip.  Deadpool looks down at his stomach, which is making a terrible sound.  Everyone else in the kitchen also looks over to see what the commotion from his stomach is about.

BLIND AL: Enjoy.

SFX (from Deadpool's stomach): GGgrMMmbbblll!

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