Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blind Al - Justice Is Blind - Perry Kent

Interior, day, dim lighting. Blind Al sits in the living room of the deadhut, bored out of her mind. Deadpool walks into the living room with his typical swagger. The living room is a disaster.

1. DEADPOOL: Lucy, I'm home!

2. AL (thought): Wade can be such a prick.

Blind Al shuffles out of the living room toward her bedroom. Deadpool sticks his head around the corner of the hallway in the background. He holds up a jug of juice with a note that say's “Al's” on it.

3. AL(thought): Took my radio and TV and left me with books!

4. DEADPOOL: What's in this jug with your name on it? Prune juice?

Blind Al closes the door behind her as she enters her bedroom. The bedroom is also a disaster. Deadpool's voice carries through the door and thin walls.

5. DEADPOOL (OP): Since you're too busy pouting I'm going to drink this!

6. AL(thought): He'll do anything just to piss me off.

7. DEADPOOL (OP): Eeuck, it tastes like the pucker of a raisin...

Blind Al lays down on the bed. Her head is on a pillow with a small bottle visible under the edge of the pillow, though the label isn't quite clear.

8. AL (thought): But I give as good as I get.

9. DEADPOOL (OP): Ugh… I don't feel so good.

Blind Al smiles as she lays on the bed. The bottle is still visible under the edge of the pillow.

10. DEADPOOL (SFX)(OP): HHHrraaahhhhkkkk!

11. DEADPOOL (OP): Oh god… The vomit… It tastes worse…

A close view of Blind Al's head. She smiles with contentment and the label on the bottle is finally visible. The bottle label says “Ipecac”.

12. DEADPOOL (SFX)(OP): HHHrraaahhhhkkkk!

13. AL (thought): His move.

- END -

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