Friday, February 12, 2016

Blind Al--The Odd Couple--David Press.


1.1: We’re going to open with a medium shot of BLIND AL dispensing of a body that lays folded in many gruesome angles in the bathtub. The red, black, and white polka dot shower curtain is drawn to the left of the panel. We can’t tell whether the body is a man or woman, but there are body parts in every direction and

1. BLIND AL:         Going to have to do this Breaking Bad-style.

1.2: She walks out of frame—towards the reader—limbs are still sticking out of the bathtub.

2. BLIND AL:         Where’d I put that lime?

1.3: Walking back into the same shot, Al is carrying a bucket filled with yellow lime. She’s struggling with it: sweat lines come down her face, her arms are tense, and if there’s a way to show that she’s walking kind of like a penguin then we can see how much she’s struggling with Deadpool’s leftovers.

3. BLIND AL:         Godforbid he should clean up his own freakin’ messes.

1.4: Her back turned to us she dumps the lime into the bathtub. Maybe make the special effect a kind of sickening watery sound combined with bone melting grossness.

SFX: Splish!

BLIND AL:            Ooof! Need a fan.

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