Monday, February 29, 2016

Hourman - By Any Other Name - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Golden-Age style panel of Rex Tyler in his lab working with chemicals and the like.

REX (1): Gee whiz!  I really want my date with Wendi to go well, but I get so tongue-tied around her.

REX (2): Maybe there's some way to focus my brain's control of language...

2 - Present day.  A grandfatherly Rex Tyler sits on an easy chair in his living room, regaling two grandkids with his fantastic tale.  Rick Tyler sits on a couch in the background, smiling.  Wendi looks in at the living room doorway, smiling.  The grandkids look over to her interjection.

REX: And so I--

WENDI (interrupting): Are you telling that Lyriclo story again?

3 - Wendi walks in and kisses the top of Rex's head.  Rex is somewhat embarrassed.

WENDI: I seem to remember you admitting you were actually hoping to create Desirablo.

4 - Wendi walks back towards the doorway, smiling to herself.  Rex covers his face a bit to try to hide his blush / embarrassment.  Rick and the grandkids laugh heartily.

WENDI: You're lucky you have such a winning personality...

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