Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hourman--“Hourmen vs the Hour-Killer” --David Press


1.1: RICK TYLER and his partner MATTHEW TYLER, the android Hourman, step out of their beater police car into a deserted Grain silos plant on the edge of the docks in HAPPY HARBOR. They’re walking towards a crime scene.
            What I mean by mill-worker’s dock is similar to what is a deserted part of downtown Buffalo—here’s what I mean.
            It’s mostly a tourist spot for geo-cachers and is almost always deserted. In the far bottom corner of the panel there is a taped off-area.

1. CAPTION [TIME/LOCATION]:    Happy Harbor, NY. 08:32am.

1.2: RICK and TYLER step through the police tape and regard the body of a young woman. There’s a PATROL OFFICER next to the Android Tyler, scratching the back of her head.

2. OFFICER:          Third one in as many days. With the same tag--

1.3: The officer points up towards the cement wall of a grain silo right next to the crime scene. Rick is in the panel making an uncomfortable face. I think we should have the Hourmen in plain-clothes. Android Tyler is more formal—in a suit, and Rick is the less-straight guy, the sarcastic, constantly hungover, perhaps substance-abusing sidekick.

3. DISPLAY LETT [Graffiti]:    Time is running out, Hourmen. 

1.4: Android Tyler crouches down to look at the body. He’s scanning it.

4. TYLER:            Perished little more than an hour ago; strangled. Name is Bethany Navarro. 22 White Oak Lane. DOB: 9.19.85.

1.5: Android Tyler looks up at Rick who checks his watch. It’s a funky large format watch, think of a slightly souped-up Apple Watch but this one injects Miraclo into his veins and gives Rick his hour of power. Rick’s tapped it and it displays the time as 07:22am in digital format.

5. RICK:             Scumbag is killing morning joggers.

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