Friday, February 19, 2016

ST. VALENTINE--"The Feast of Lupercalia"--David Press

Not exactly Saint Valentine but I read a great story (linked below), and got inspired.


1.1: THREE super-happy and hilarious ROMAN FARMERS trudge through the dark woods. I was thinking that this might be a wide panel, because the key to the proceedings here is that these Farmers are drunk. Like wasted, and they’ll need to be because of what’s upcoming: the feast of Lupercalia. If you don’t what that is, check this out:
            Our three heroes are named FLAZ, KRANZ, and FIFEL. They love to drink and are single, happy farmers, and they are ready to party and meet their mates. Let’s make Fifel the shorter one of the two, and Franz is rather burly. No distinction on race or style or anything—these three farmers are just happy drunken humans about to take part in something that is NOT OKAY.

1. FRANZ:            Ohhhhh! We’re off to LUPER-CAL-IA
2. KRANZ:            LUPER-CALI-A!
3. FIFEL:               It’s “Loo-per-kale-a.”

1.2: FRANZ slaps Fifel over the head.

4. FRANZ:            You franfel it’s “LOOPER-CAL-A.”
5. FIFEL:            Oi!

1.3: They stop at a patch in the woods.

6. KRANZ:            Everyone drink!

1.4: Same as the previous, but this time they all take a swig of their wine casks.


1.5: An angle from the back of their heads into an open field where we can see a giant CLEARING and many more drunken Romans prancing around the field. In the center is a MAN dressed in red robes and on a pedestal wearing a GOAT’S HEAD for a hat. This man is the GREAT DRAGON, gathering common folk for the February celebration of Lupercalia—a mating ritual from ancient Roman times.

7. DRAGON:           Come! Be merry and drink Dionysius’s wine! It is time for…

7B:                            The feast of LUPERCALIA!

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