Thursday, February 18, 2016

St. Valentine - A Miracle - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Valentine, with a beard and dirty clothes, is pulled out of his stone prison cell by guards.

1. GUARD: Come on.

Panel 2
The guards throw Valentine to his knees in front of a young woman in flowing robes, who wears a strip of cloth across her eyes. She is standing in front of a chair. A man, slightly older than her, stands behind the chair quietly as though guarding her.

2. WOMAN: Valentine. The great symbol of defiance my father imprisoned.

Panel 3
Valentine looks up at the woman as the guards leave the room. The man standing behind the chair stays.

3. VALENTINE: The jailor's blind daughter. What do you want?

4. WOMAN: The same as you. Freedom from my father.

5. VALENTINE: I'm not in a position to help you.

Panel 4
The woman smiles as she sits in the chair.

6. WOMAN: You will tell my father you can fix my sight in exchange for your freedom.

7. VALENTINE: But… I can not fix your sight.

Panel 5
The WOMAN touches the cloth that covers her eyes.

8. WOMAN: I am only partially blind, though not even my father knows. I will feint the miracle to gain your freedom.

9. VALENTINE: And what could I possibly do for you?

Panel 6
The man behind the chair rests a hand on the WOMAN's shoulder and she presses her cheek to his arm affectionately.

10. WOMAN: A wedding. 

- END - 

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