Friday, February 26, 2016

The Good Brothers--David Press.


8.1: The brothers climb out of the car and start advancing towards the building. Brian has a mic stand, Bruce has his acoustic guitar, and Larry has a banjo. The queued up crowd have their hands raised cheering the brothers on.  

1. CROWD:            Woooo!

8.2: The main lobby to the building is filled with PEOPLE all wearing Good Brothers t-shirts and hats and selling merchandise.


8.3: They make their way through the crowd; people are reaching out to touch them.


8.4: The brothers enter the THEATER. It’s picturesque—it’s an old OPERA HOUSE they’re in. There is an announcer on the main stage.

1. ANNOUNCER:        Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the GOOD BROTHERS!

8.5: The brothers are on the stage now and BRIAN is speaking into the microphone.

BRIAN:               Why thank you for having us. It took a lot for all three of us to get here, and there are some party crashers—

8.6: The cops try to get into the building but the people in the line are blocking the door and it’s hard for cops to push through the crowd.

CAPTION [BRIAN]:     --So it would be great if you could prevent them from entering the building and disturbing us!

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