Monday, February 22, 2016

The Good Brothers - Keeper - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Cain and Abel are walking together, coming down from a mountain (maybe have a little burning bush up there in the background).  Abel wears a big ol' smile - like, to the degree where you might wonder if he isn't a little simple.  Cain is furious, arms crossed and brow furrowed.


2 - Cain and Abel have arrived at their little homestead.  Abel sees his sheep and waves at them enthusiastically, as thrilled with them as he seems to be with everything else.  Cain continues to glower and arm cross, something down on the ground (and off-panel) catching his upset eye.

ABEL: God's pretty great, eh?

CAIN (1): Yeah.

CAIN (2): Sure.

3 - Abel bends down and gives a big hug to one of his sheep, as happy as ever.  Cain leans over to pick something up.

CAIN: Hey, Abel...

4 - On Cain's hand, which holds a big ol' rock.

CAIN (tailless): Let's go out to the field.

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