Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Good Brothers - The Rabbit - P. A. Nolte

1/ Close-up on a scruffy man in his early 30's taking a big hit off a joint.  He's sitting in the passenger seat of a 1972 Gremlin, but there shouldn't be enough background visible to tell that just yet.

Chaz (OP): Is it any good?

2/ The Gremlin tools down a quiet country road.  There's farmland and pastures on either side, punctuated with trees.  Up on the left is a larger plot of untouched land.  That's where the car and its passengers are headed.

Jesse (OP): I dunno.  You're smoking some of it now.  Is it?

Chaz (OP): Guess so.

3/ The first man, Jesse, is joined by a second, Chaz, in his walk down to a particularly secluded field.  They've parked the car by the side of the road and followed a worn dirt path down the hill and almost out of sight.

Chaz: Whose land is this?

Jesse: Dunno.  Couple plots down from my aunt's.

4/ They stop walking.  Jesse has his hands on a large clump of tall grass, like he's about to pull a curtain.  He's excited to show his friend the fruits of his labor.

Jesse:  Wait for it, ...

5/ An inset of a small, grey rabbit perking up.

6/ Jesse and Chaz stumble into an open patch of field expecting a large crop of marijuana, but a significant number of stalks have been stripped a few feet off the ground.  Small woodland creatures, primarily rabbits, but also a raccoon, a few squirrels, and maybe some birds, scatter in every direction.  They drop tiny pipes carved from mushrooms and corncobs and whatever else.  Rolling papers go flying.  The scene is a drug bust where Beatrix Potter characters meet Cheech and Chong and everything is charmingly chaotic.

Jesse: AGAIN?!


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