Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Good Brothers - Tracking Him Down - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, day. A beat-up old camaro pulls into the gravel parking lot of a rough looking road-side diner.

Panel 2
Interior, day, diner. Two brothers around the same age, one wearing denim and the other flannel and a cowboy hat, walk quietly through the double doors of the diner. The manager, a middle-aged man wearing a short sleeve button-up and a tie, walks towards the brothers. The diner is a giant mess with waitresses cleaning broken dishes and food off the ground, though it doesn't look like it's helping.

1. MANAGER: Sorry, no service right now.

Panel 3
The brothers talk with the manager as the denim-brother holds out a photo to the manager.

2. DENIM-BROTHER: You seen this man?

3. MANAGER: Yeah, that's the bastard who did all this then ran the hell outta here.

Panel 4
The brothers turn to leave as the one in flannel shoots another question at the manager.

4. FLANNEL-BROTHER: Which way did he go?

5. MANAGER: East. Wait--

Panel 5
The two brothers respond at the same time as they walk out the double doors of the diner.

6. MANAGER (OP): Who are you?

7. BROTHERS: His brothers.


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