Thursday, February 4, 2016

The USSR - To Victory on Stranger Wings - Perry Kent

Panel One:
An old soviet space rocket is blasting off.

CAPTION: Soviet Union. November 16, 1965.

Panel Two:
The front of the rocket separates away from a larger fuselage as the planet Earth drops away in the background.

Panel Three:
Two elderly Russian men in uniforms lift their glasses filled with dark liquor as they toast the rocket from their lavish offices. Nik is bald with a gray mustache, while Dmitri has salt and pepper hair and mustache.

NIK: To the pursuit of science, with the heavens laid open before us!

DMITRI: Made possible by our foreign friend.

Panel Four:
A small space probe flies through space toward Venus.

NIK (OP): "It was not altruism. He would have done it for anyone."

DMITRI (OP): "He did say the German's were too distracted to get it right."

Panel Five:
The probe descends through a bright but clouded atmosphere, a parachute fully deployed.

DMITRI (OP): "The quid pro quo was most favorable. Lucky we found him before the Americans."

NIK (OP): "It would seem they have at least one of their own."

DMITRI (OP): "Do you think going to Venus will tip them off?"

Panel Six:
The probe has set on the planets surface and a small door-like hatch cracks open.

NIK (OP): " I don't see how. This will look like a crash. A complete accident."

Panel Seven:
An alien creature with thick skin and a large head walks away from the probe.

NIK (OP): "We'll have our rockets and glory."

DMITRI (OP): "And the little bastard will be home."

- END -

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  1. Intriguing! I love this idea, Perry. A fascinating little setup with possibilities to spare. I know that we're working within our one-page constraints, but this does feel a tad overfull to me. A lot of info to fit into one page. If you were working further on this, I would suggest either cutting down some of the captions or adding a bit more in to bring it to two pages.


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