Tuesday, February 2, 2016

USSR – The Super President Action Force Team: “Back Down, You USSR!” – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Oh hey, look, they’re back! It only took about three and a half years to get around to it.)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: A Soviet command base – it’s a classic-style villain command center, complete with a big table map that commands the center of the room. JOSEPH STALIN stands next to the map, and is joined by STALIN-BOTS.

STALIN: <Let them come! Once my master weapon - the COMMU-RAY OF COMMAND – fires, nothing will be able to stop us!>

STALIN-BOT: <So sure of that, are you?>

Panel 2: Stalin turns in surprise to look at the nearby STALIN-BOT that spoke back to him.

STALIN: <What?! My own robot dares to question me?>

Panel 3: The STALIN-BOT pulls its head away – actually a mask – to reveal that the robot is actually WINSTON CHURCHILL – an ally of the SPAFT - in disguise. He points a gun at STALIN.

CHURCHILL (1): Hardly!

CHURCHILL (2): Surrender, Stalin! The jig is up!

Panel 4: STALIN looks defiant, ready to laugh off this particular turn of events. Other STALIN-BOTs move in.


STALIN (2): <You fool, you dare to face me alone!?>

Panel 5: Other STALIN-BOTS remove their masks to reveal that RONALD REAGAN, HARRY TRUMAN, and a small team of GROVER CLEVELANDS were also disguised the way that CHURCHILL was. Also present is RICHARD NIXON, who looks like he just appeared out of nowhere. Those remaining STALIN-BOTS which are real confused by this turn of events.

RONALD REAGAN: Hardly, you emperor of evil!

HARRY TRUMAN: This plot stops here!

RICHARD NIXON: You won’t be kickin’ anyone around anymore!



  1. I cannot stop laughing. Hilarious page.

  2. Oh dag, yo! It's the gift I didn't even know I was wanting. Once again, your Super President Action Force saves the day with some bangup humour and good-natured fun. Glad to see them return to brighten all of our days.


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