Saturday, February 6, 2016

USSR - Wolf Hunt - P. A. Nolte

1/ A team of three or four men on horses plow through heavy snow in a forest thick with sickly little winter trees.  Behind them is another man on a sled being pulled by two horses.

Caption: Russia. 1910.

2/ A wolf hauls ass through a gorge, kicking up a large cloud of the powdery snow that blankets everything.

Caption: With every sinew strained, he hurtles.

3/ The wolf comes to the edge of the forest and out onto a white plain.  Behind him is a pack of dogs.  The wolf is only several lengths ahead and losing.

Caption: The hunt for wolves is on.

4/ The hunters.  They watch unconcerned.  This is not their first hunt.

Hunter: Легкая работа.

5/ An aerial shot of the unfolding event and the surrounding landscape.  The outline of the forest mimics the outline of Russia.

Caption: The hounds bark themselves sick // As the beaters break and run // And the snow turns red with flags and blood. // - Vladimir Vysotsky, 1968


  1. Beautiful stuff, Phil. Those are some lovely words and you match them with some excellent imagery. Would love to see this drawn.

    1. Thanks, Grant. I'm itching to find an artist for this one, too, and I highly recommend looking up the Vysotsky song if you haven't already. It's not going to be everyone's jam, but it's certainly mine.


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