Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman v Superman - Gladiators - Jonathan Morel

Panel 1: A close up of Batman’s face, looking directly ahead of him, to the right. He looks dire, serious, frowning. There should be nothing visible in the background.

(1) BATMAN: Alright, Clark. This will go no further. I will not yield. I will not budge…

Panel 2: A close-up of Batman’s feet forming a defensive battle stance on a hard surface. His back foot seems ready to push off towards what or whoever he is looking at.

(2) BATMAN: Your powers won’t save you from this fate. I’ve calculated every single scenario, provided for every single variable…

Panel 3: A close up his torso and arms, holding what appears to be a battle-staff, gripping the weapon in front of the bat-symbol on his chest.

(3) BATMAN: It’s all on the line now. Nothing will ever be the same after tonight…

Panel 4: A close up of Superman’s face, looking left, with a small rogue-ish smile. Similar to the previous panels, the background is only colour. No shapes or distinguishable features.

(4) SUPERMAN: I guess this is it, Bruce. But remember…

Panel 5: Both men are standing on a suspended bridge in front of a large crowd, sitting in stands, everyone smiling and cheering, tv cameras everywhere. Both men are holding a double-edged foam staff (think American Gladiators) with a pool of water under them. In the background there is a podium with a man standing behind it, and a big flashy sign that says: “Gotham Gladiators: Finals”. The whole thing should be very silly looking. Batman still seems very serious.

(5) SUPERMAN: …this is just for charity.

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  1. I mentioned this when I first saw the script, but I love what you've done here. A nice build into the switch in the final panel, and the reveal is the start of a story I'd be all upons reading.


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