Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman v Superman - The People Versus Superman - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Batman stands alone in frame, wearing a lawyer wig on top of his costume.  He gesticulates in a manner appropriate to a wordy speech.

BATMAN: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I've gathered you here today because the hero to our nation - to our world - has failed us.

2 - Batman stands in front of the jury box (individual jury members are not visible in this panel), arms behind his back.

BATMAN: Indeed, he has completely and utterly abandoned his core values and beliefs.

3 - Switch angle to show the jury - it's a bunch of Justice Leaguers like Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and the like.  Pretty much everyone seems between somewhat annoyed and rather exasperated, with Flash as the only exception (he seems to be considering Batman's words very seriously).

BATMAN: There is no more truth.  No justice.  And the only Way of consequence is his own.

4 - Superman sits at a table, as if in a court of law.  Batman stands in front of the table, looking at Superman in disappointment.  Superman looks to be a mixture of apologetic and frustrated.

BATMAN: He has become a stranger to us all.

5 - Superman tries to get a word in edge-wise, while Batman slams his fists down in anger.

SUPERMAN: Bruce, I said I was sorry I ate the last of your peanut butter.

BATMAN: It was very clearly labelled!


  1. This is a very silly script in a very good way - the details you put in really help sell it, including the comedic imagery of batman wearing a wig over his normal costume and Flash being a visual counterpart of taking things seriously vs everyone else (which even makes sense, what with the way Flash is sometimes a big eater to get his energy for running). Fun piece!

  2. I really liked that it started off as if Superman (in Man of Steel-verse) is on trial for being a terrorist, but that heel turn is perfection. I also like that Batman is wearing a wig over his costume like Harvey Birdman or something.

    I had a hard time visualizing the last panel with Superman attempting to say something and Batman doing something, but then I figured it's a wide panel. CLOSURE!


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