Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman v Superman - Win, Lose, Or Claw - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior of an arcade, dim. Superman holds up his hands in a disarming gesture as if he is trying to calm Batman down. Batman stands with his back to a wall, neon lights and shadows around him, unperturbed. It is not yet obvious they are in an arcade.

1. Superman: We don't need to do this. You are pushing the issue. I don't want to best you.

2. Batman: This isn't about god-given powers, but hard earned skill.

Panel 2
Superman stands at a claw-machine that is filled with stuffed animals.

Panel 3
Inset to panel 2: The claw snaps shut just to the side of a stuffed bear.

3. Superman (OP): Shoot.

Panel 4
Batman stands at the claw-machine, with all the same stuffed animals as panel 2.

Panel 5
Inset to panel 4: The claw snaps shut empty again.

4. Batmn (OP): Hhmm.

Panel 6
Superman and Batman stand in front of the claw-machine, exchanging words.

5. Superman: I guess that settles it. Neither of us--

6. Wonderwoman (OP): Hey guys!

Panel 7
Wonderwoman stands deeper in the arcade, the neon lights of several arcade games behind her. She is holding a stuffed animal in one hand and is smiling in the direction of Superman and Batman (who are likely not on-panel).

7. Wonderwoman: Either of you know how to play Centipede?



  1. I like this. Wonder Woman's propensity for lassos would equate to killer claw game skills.

  2. Haha. Adorable. I like the echo of her use in the film - thankfully, you use all the characters for much more fun purposes.

  3. I loved this--I'm so glad we're all having more fun with these characters rather than a murder-fest.


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