Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hourman – The Hour of DOOM! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(1 Panel)

Panel 1: SPLASH PAGE! Page should be stylized like a retro-teaser page.

The setting is over a city somewhere. HOURMAN (MATTHEW TYLER android version) is in the foreground, looking shocked by what is happening nearby – a version of HOURMAN’s Viking timeship has appeared, crewed by a vast number of other HOURMAN androids. Most of them look like they’ve been killed and resurrected in some form. One of them, their leader (REAPER HOURMAN), looks like he’s taken on a Grim Reaper/Death look, though he’s still recognizable as a version of the HOURMAN android.

NARRATION: From across existence as we do not know it they come! The Hourmen of countless nows, with a single mission in mind!

HOURMAN: No! My powers have become everything I feared!

REAPER HOURMAN (1): Yes, Matthew Tyler!

REAPER HOURMAN (2): And to preserve the entirety of the Space-Time Continuum...

REAPER HOURMAN (3): Hourman!




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