Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hourman - Routine - P. A. Nolte

1/ The apartment of Rex Tyler.  The focus is on the recliner and side table in front of a small television set, and the news report just starting up, but Rex is up and pulling his hood on as he walks out of frame.  He's headed off on another adventure.

TV Anchor: Good evening. I'm Ken Bernard and this is the Channel 48 10 O'Clock News.

2/ A fire escape overlooking an alley.  Rex is perched high, looking down to where an elderly couple have been escorted into an alley by a thug with a knife.

Hourman (Cap): Been at this a long time.  Longer than most.

3/ Hourman drops the thug with a kick and the purse goes flying.  His cape billows out behind him, making his actions look more dramatic than they really are.

Hourman (Cap): Now they make movies.

Hourman (Cap): Throw out statistics like people only using 10% of their brains.


4/ Hourman victorious.  At his feet is the thug.  He silences the alarm on his watch, casually talking over his shoulder to the elderly couple behind him.  The woman has had her handbag returned to her.

Hourman (Cap): Dumbest thing I ever heard.

SFX: deet deet

Hourman: Get home safe, folks.

Elderly Man: You too, Hourman.

Elderly Woman: Thank you...

5/ The apartment of Rex Tyler. Rex has returned home, showered, and donned a robe.  He rushes to answer the phone on the table beside his recliner.  Behind him, the television continues its broadcast.

SFX: bring bring

Rex: Hello?

Rex: Hey, Wes.

Rex: No. I've got time.

TV Anchor: --you for joining us.  Up next is Carr@11 with Snapper Carr.  Good night.

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