Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hourman - An Unpleasant Surprise - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night, dark alley. Rex Tyler walks down a dark alleyway searching for a place to change. He has one hand in his pocket as he tries to find his Miraclo pill that will provide him his powers. In the alleyway there are several dumpsters.

1. REX: I'll just pop a Miraclo, change, then head over to the burning--

Panel 2
A vagrant steps out behind Rex, with a knife in his hand.

2. VAGRANT: Yo, buddy. Hand over yer wallet and I'll let ya walk.

Panel 3
Rex pops a pill into his mouth as the vagrant becomes more irate.

3. VAGRANT: Give it up already! I'll stab ya if I gotta.

Panel 4
Exterior, night, just outside of a dark alley. The vagrant sails through the air and out of the alley. The few people walking on the sidewalk watch with astonishment.

4. VAGRANT: AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!

Panel 5
Hourman, Rex Tyler in full costume, steps out of the alleyway into the light. The vagrant lies on the ground completely stunned.

5. HOURMAN: There is a burning orphanage that needs me, so I'm letting you off with a warning.

6. HOURMAN: But if you return to your vagrant ways, I'll be back.


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