Friday, March 4, 2016

Hourman - Wrinkles in Time - Luke Babad

1. Dr. Freehill stands next to a leather chair on the right side of the frame. A notepad and pen are on the table next to him. On the left side of the frame, an aged Rex Tyler, hair disheveled, is half-way through a door.

Dr. Freehill: Have a seat, Rex. Thanks for coming in today. How can I help you?

2. Rex is now slumped across a leather couch. In this panel Dr. Freehill is not visible but his speech bubbles come from the right-hand side of the frame.

Rex: How much time do we have?

Dr. Freehill: Sixty minutes, Rex, the same as always. Did you tell Wendi you were coming in today?

3. This shot has a bird’s-eye view on Rex. Rex has his hands clasped together nervously and his watch is visible.

Rex: I’ve told you, she won’t understand. How much time do I have left? I only have an hour – she’ll be home in an hour.

Dr. Freehill: We have fifty eight minutes remaining, Rex. Why don’t you tell me what specifically has brought you in today?

4. This panel shows the same bird’s-eye view, but with Rex slumped over again. A patch of sunlight can be seen on the floor.

Rex: I think I need it again – the old stuff. None of the modifications ever made it work as well.

Dr. Freehill: You’ve been doing so well, Rex - Why do you think you need it?

5. A nearly identical panel. In this one, the patch of sunlight has shifted, suggesting time has passed.

Rex: I need to help. I used to mean something. It’s not like I want it – I’m supposed to help.

6. Zoom in on Rex’s watch, where the minute hand is almost at 12.

Rex: I used to help. How much time do we have left?

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