Friday, March 11, 2016

Iron and Wine--"Low Light Buddy of Mine"--David Press.

I guess I'm the only one who took a literal interpretation of the prompt. 


4.1: The Singer extends his hand down to Sax Man.

1. SINGER:           I love you and you love me.

4.2: The SAX player is up to the stage and let’s make this a big, wide panel because we’re going to slowly pan out of the scene as the band plays the song.

2. DISPLAY:          And there's a new fruit humming in the old fruit trees

4.3: Panning wider out and we can see the wreckage of the bar. However there is still the occasional hipster, who probably hid under a table, dancing in this panel.

3. DISPLAY:          In the wake I'm waiting in a parking lot

4.4: Out of the bar and back to the street. The bar’s sign looking down at the white car.

DISPLAY:             He's jealous of me and what we've got. He can rattle his bell in shining shoe
and never in doubt where I found you

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