Saturday, March 12, 2016

Low Light Buddy Of Mine - New Fruit - P. A. Nolte

1/ Sitting outside a row of brownstones is a man in an idling white car.  The sky is dark.  It's drizzling lightly.  Just enough to set the mood.  The driver's attention is on the brownstones.

2/ A second story window lights up and the silhouette of a woman passes through the illuminated frame.  Behind her, the shadow of an arm reaches out.

3/ Before she makes it all the way out of sight, the arm has grabbed her, spun her around, and pulled her close.  The woman has been joined by a man, also in silhouette.  They embrace lovingly.  At least, that's what it looks like from across the street.

4/ The man in the white car focuses his attention forward, through the windshield, away from the scene in progress. Behind him, the light has gone off, but he can't care anymore.

5/ With the last flash of his taillights exiting the panel, the street is empty.  The window is dark.

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