Sunday, March 6, 2016

Low Light Buddy of Mine - Self-Titled - Luke Babad

1. Detective Beam on the left of the panel with a police officer. They are on a mountain road where a white car has hit a black car in a t-bone collision and both are tilting precariously over the edge. The black car’s door is ajar.

Detective Beam: I hate Mondays. Two totaled cars... no bodies... looks like they fell into the canyon...those poor bastards.

2. Zoom in on Detective Beam, now frowning

Constable Sam: Detective - we’re still searching but so far all we’ve found is a bottle of iron pills in one car and a smashed bottle of red wine in the other.
Detective Beam: Get me something – I can’t ID the white car because the license plate is rusted so right now we have nothing to go on.

3. The two men are seen standing together looking at the wreckage. Another policeman can be seen next to the cars holding a piece of paper in his outstretched hand.

Detective Beam: Certainly looks like an accident – but it will take until morning to find the bodies in the canyon. I definitely have a strange fee-

Constable Noteworthy: Detective! You’d better come see this!

4. Over Detective Beam’s shoulder, we can see he is holding a wedding photo

Detective Beam: We already ID’d the driver of the black car from his license plate. Why should I care about an old wedding photo?

Constable Noteworthy: Because we found the same exact picture in both cars.

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