Thursday, March 10, 2016

Low Light Buddy of Mine - Unpredictable Savior - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night, city park. A couple, man and woman in their late twenties, have been cornered in a dark city park. A street gang of about four thugs surrounds them, a two of them holding sticks like clubs. The couple looks scared as the thugs menace them.

1. THUG 1: Bet you thought you'd cut through our park without paying for it.

2. THUG 2: That shit don't fly.

Panel 2
Two thugs viciously attack the man, punching him, as he calls for help. Another thug grabs onto the woman's wrist. The remaining thug watches.

3. MAN : Help--

4. MAN (sfx): Oof!

Panel 3
Tendrils of ill-defined shadow pull the thugs away from the couple and into the darkness. The couple huddle close to each other on the ground.

5. THUG 1: Aaaahhh!

6. THUG 2: Gaaah!

Panel 4
The couple look out quietly into the suddenly quiet night as they hold each other. The thugs have completely disappeared.

Panel 5
The woman helps the man to walk as she keeps an alert look out into the darkness.

7. WOMAN: T-thank you. Whoever you are…

Panel 6
The woman and man limp through the park, as a response sounds around them.

8. SHADOWS (dark lettering): You're welcome.


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