Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Edge--David Press


1.1:  I was thinking about opening on a horizontal panel featuring two HIKERS making their way through a densely packed forest. In the distance we can see a clearing and blue sky. The Hikers’ backs are turned to us and they’re dressed as you would expect: rain jackets, break away pants, serious boots, and backpacks that double as water containers. Give one of them a walking staff if you like.

CAPTION:             Preikestolen, Norway.

1.2: A small panel next to the previous featuring the HIKERS: they’re smiling in relief after the long hike. They’re looking up and off panel right, blue all around them. Both are in a state of relief and natural glee. One’s bearded and wearing horn-rimmed glasses with a balding head. How about we call him ANDERS. The second Hiker is a woman, shorter, with curly brown hair and a dimpled smile--EMELIA.

ANDERS:              Fifty-nine.
EMELIA:              Hard to believe.

1.3: Emelia hands Anders her cell-phone.

EMELIA:              Take a picture of me on the edge.

1.4: From Emelia’s perspective, we can see Anders along the cliff face, a sharp drop off below.


1.5 [WIDE]: Anders is now on the other side of the cliff face and Emelia is up to the very edge of Pulpit Rock looking to the great beyond. We can see Emelia’s iPhone is up and Instagram is loaded on the screen—the  screen shows the photo from the prompt.


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