Saturday, March 19, 2016

On the Edge - Erik - P. A. Nolte

1/ A red-bearded man is in line at an airport ticket counter.  Archaic, to be sure, but Erik is not a man of pomp and technology.  The airline is Nordic.

Erik (Cap): People are superstitious.

Erik (Cap): They try to delay the inevitable.

2/ On the bow of a ferry from Tau, Erik reads a large map.  What can be seen is of Preikestolen, Stavanger, and the surrounding areas.

Erik (Cap): I know.

Erik (Cap): I tried too.

3/ Erik stands at the edge of Preikestolen.  His pack and his gear are shed on the rocks around him.

Erik (Cap): But now.

Erik (Cap): Here.

4/ Erik's face.  His beard is grey with scant strands of red.  His eyes are as fierce and green as they have ever been.  It's everything else that has sagged and pocked with time.

Erik: Why don't I feel anything?

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