Thursday, March 17, 2016

On The Edge - The Last Challenge - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Hansen and Olson walk up to the edge of a cliff. It's very clear that the edge of the cliff leads to steep and far fall. Hansen is leading the pair.

1. Hansen: This is the seventh and last challenge.

2. Hansen: “The step taken by those who do not fear death.”

Panel 2
Olsen peers over the side of the cliff very cautiously as Hansen stands away from the edge steeling himself. Olsen looks very doubtful as he speaks.

3. Olsen: Yeah, right. You'll end up in the afterlife whether you pass the challenge or not.

4. Olsen: You sure you'll be able to make it back? You know, once you found her.

Panel 3
Inset to Panel 4. Hansen grits his teeth in determination.

5. Hansen: Don't know. But...

Panel 4
Hansen dives off the cliff edge. Olsen stands back, shocked by what his friend has done.

6. Hansen: ...I'll bring her back from the dead or die trying!

Panel 5
Olsen covers his eyes from a brilliant green flash that comes from the edge of the cliff.

Panel 6
Olsen looks over the edge of the cliff. There is no sign of Hansen anywhere.

7. Olsen: Look's like you made it, buddy. I hope you can bring her back.


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