Sunday, March 13, 2016

On the Edge - Retreat - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Our opening panel is a big focus of the page, and it is near recreation of On the Edge.  We have a small figure standing on the edge of a tall cliff, overlooking a winding river and smaller cliffs / mountains surrounding it.  The figure holds their arms up at their sides, whether to get ready to leap or take in the world is not clear.  Let's possibly have the figure's car visible on the edge of the panel (but by no means a focus of the panel).

CAPTION (FIGURE): Coming out here used to help me escape from the world.

2 - Close on the cliff edge.  The figure's feet are a step or two back from the edge, but they might be in the midst of taking those steps.

CAPTION (FIGURE): From the things I've done.

3 - Close on the cliff edge.  The figure's feet are now right on the edge - maybe a little beyond, toes hanging over and the like.

CAPTION (FIGURE): From myself.

4 - Close on the cliff edge. The figure's feet are no longer on panel, gone.


5 - Switch angle to look onto the clifftop.  The figure sits on the ground near their car, their arms wrapped around their knees.  They cry openly.

CAPTION (FIGURE): But there are some things you can't get away from.

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