Monday, March 14, 2016

On the Edge - Wish You Were Here - Jonathan Morel

(Eight panels, total. The first 4 panels are in very bright colours)

Panel 1
The first panel is the largest, takes about a quarter or a fifth of the page, at the top. Wide, colorful shot of a man standing at the edge of a mountain, arms on his side, (see Grant’s picture). In the bottom right corner is the text box. It should be yellowish.

1 - CAPTION: I can feel the air inside my lungs…breathing that fresh air...

Panel 2
Closer view of the same picture, slightly angled to the right, the man is a little bit more detailed. His arms at his side are raised about halfway up, as if he is about to jump. The sun should be facing opposite from him on the panel, on the left.

2 - CAPTION: The breeze cooling me down after that grueling hike, my body aching…

Panel 3
The man’s entire face, eyes closed, in a close-up, facing the sky. He looks young (35 and under), flowing long hair. The shadow of his arms, now fully up in the air, should be visible. He is smiling, taking in the heat of the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

3 - CAPTION: That warm sun, toasting me, enveloping me like a warm blanket…

Panel 4
The shot is even closer to his face, taking the whole frame. Same look and smile. There is a tear running down his right cheek, with some buildup under his right eye. The tear should be in the middle of the frame.

4 - CAPTION: This is my favorite place. I always come here when feeling weak. I can hear the birds chirping…

Panel 5
Exact same shot as the previous panel, except in either black and white or drab colours. Both should be side by side. The man’s face, in this case, should be thinner. No hair should be visible in this frame, compared to the last one. The tear should still be in the center of the frame. If in colour, he should be much paler than the previous panels. The textbox should be grey or white.

5 - CAPTION: I can hear the birds…tweeting…beeping…

Panel 6
The view point moves back, the man is lying in what appears to be a bed. His upper torso is nude, a blanket covering him past his chest. His arms are not under the blankets, but can only be partially seen. The man’s face is visible. He looks thin, gaunt, the smile gone. He is bald, his eyes are still closed, the same tear visible. His age should be difficult to pinpoint, but no more than mid-50s. Either in black in white or very drab coloring.

6 - CAPTION: Beeping…

Panel 7
This panel should be next to the previous panel, and use most the bottom right corner. The view point has panned back even more. He is lying in a hospital bed, looking directly at the reader, his arms hooked up to IVs and machines. The information on the monitors should be the only things in brighter colours. He is alone, his eyes wide open, the long tear now running down his cheek. He looks scared, pained and saddened. In the top right, the door to the hospital room should be slight opened. A woman, in her 40s-50s is seen, a hand to her face as the arms of an unseen person, hidden by the door, are holding her shoulders.

7 - CAPTION: I’m cold. The sheets…like nails on my skin. My body aches…hard to breathe…

Panel 8
Bottom right, superimposed on the previous panel. A small square panel, close up to the face. Still the sickened face, this time with brighter colours, like the first 4 panels. His eyes are closed, and he is smiling again, the tear only slightly visible. The textbox should be under his smile, in yellow.

8 - CAPTION: I can feel the air inside my lungs…breathing that fresh air…

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