Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why X-Files? - Jonathan Morel

Before comic books, before Netflix and streaming, 8 year-old Jonathan stayed up one Friday night with his older brother and watched a terrifying show (to him) about aliens on FOX. The next 9 years of his life became very much consumed, just like our television screens, with aliens, their autopsies and interviews. Along with boy bands, grunge, saxophone playing Presidents and plaid shirts (that seemed REALLY comfortable unlike today's), aliens are an identifiable part of the 90s on television.

I've loved the X-Files my whole life because it has everything: special effects, monsters, humour, love, loss, guys called William and Emmy nominations/wins for a Science Fiction show! This was before the huge comic boom post 2007 on television and, more importantly, before there was thousands of television channels. It was my first foray into continuity nerdom, and its recent revival, both in comic form and on television, made me choose it.,200_.jpg

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