Saturday, March 26, 2016

X-Files - Geese? - P. A. Nolte

1/ A backwoods road through Vancouver.  A sleek, government-issue car tears away from the small gathering of lights indicating a small town.  In the driver's seat is Fox Mulder.  Riding shotgun is Dana Scully.

Scully: Another dead end.

Mulder: Careful, Scully.  You almost sound upset.

2/ Inside the car.  She gives him a disdainful look.

Scully: Everything at stake, and these are the things you're choosing to pursue.

Scully: It's reckless.  Even for you.

3/ From the backseat, their conversation continues.  The road ahead is quiet.  Mulder and Scully are silhouetted.

Scully: Just how many more of these small town goose chases do you expect to go on?

Mulder: I don't know, how many has it been?  I mean, you see one, you see 'em all, right?

4/ Her disdainful look has gone full glower.  Silence.  She stares out the window.  By now, she could never be partners with anyone else, but would she?  It takes some thought.

5/ Deep in the forest they're driving through is a small cave.  Secluded, dark, and mostly hidden by underbrush and other foliage.

Scully: That's not funny, Mulder.

6/ From within the cave, half a dozen pairs of eyes light up.

Mulder (Cap): It was kinda funny.

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