Monday, March 21, 2016

X-Files - Making Tracks - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Joe, a farmer in the American mid-West, walks alongside the outer edge of his crops with Mulder and Scully in tow.  Mulder walks beside Joe, listening intently, while Scully trails a few steps behind, not super into this conversation.

JOE: At first I thought it must have been a prank by some of the local kids.

2 - Joe, Mulder, and Scully wade into the crops, the plants coming up a little over their waists.  Joe looks towards Mulder apologetically, Mulder waves off his concern.

JOE (1): You know, crop circles and all that hooey.

JOE (2): Begging your pardon, of course.

MULDER: Of course.

3 - Worm's eye view as Joe, Mulder, and Scully come to a break in the crop within the field.  The three stand at said break, looking down towards the reader / camera.  Joe wears the same apologetic expression, Mulder is intrigued, and Scully is surprised.

JOE (1): But when I went to take a closer look--

JOE (2): Well...

4 - Bird's eye view looking down on the field.  Joe, Mulder, and Scully are looking down at a huge footprint.  It's T-Rex-esque, but way bigger - the three figures are dwarfed next to it.  There may be one or two other footprints on either side, giving the impression that whatever created this was headed somewhere.

JOE: That's about when I figured there might be something more to it.

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