Thursday, March 24, 2016

X-Files - The Possum-Man - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night, suburban neighborhood. Scully and Mulder walk quietly through the night, flashlights in hand. The street and sidewalks are deserted except for the two of them.

1. Scully: This is hopeless, Mulder. It was probably just some voyeur with a strange predilection for dressing as an animal.

2. Scully: There is no “possum-man”. Just a sad man, with a sad compulsion that probably skipped town as soon as the authorities showed up.

3. Mulder: Perhaps, Scully.

Panel 2
Mulder looks out into the darkness as he talks at Scully. Scully rolls her eyes as she listens.

4. Mulder: But there are legends of skin-walkers. Men who could adopt the guise of the very animals they worshiped. Those who weren't constrained to the likeness of man. They--

Panel 3
Mulder and Scully both turn toward a noise that was coming from a nearby house, shining their flashlights in the direction.

5. SFX (op): Clang!

Panel 4
The light of the flashlights illuminates a possum. The possum sits atop a metal garbage can staring back at the flashlight source, eyes glowing from the light. There are also some large hedges near the trashcan.

6. Scully (op): See Mulder. No skin-walkers here. Just regular old vermin.

Panel 5
Viewed from the direction of the possum. Mulder and Scully walk away from the house. Behind the hedges of the previous panel can be seen the silhouette of a large man-shaped creature, with a pointed face and hands with claws.

7. Mulder: Maybe you're right. Nothing here but picket fences and bored suburbanites.


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