Friday, March 25, 2016

X-Files--"The Rumor Mill"--David Press.

1.1: We’re going to open as the show usually does with an unmarked CAR pulling up into the frame. The headlights streaming at the reader--it’s pulling into a wooded area in the middle of nowhere. For the display lettering format it in the way that the show normally would: in a non-enclosed caption in courier font.

DISPLAY LETT:        Watertown, New York.

1.2: Similar to the previous, but now MULDER and SCULLY have stepped out of the town car. They are trying to make their way through the woods. Scully is teetering on her side, wearing running sneakers, arms extended. Mulder is giggling because he’s wearing muck boots and just trudging through the mud like a kid. Just so you know these are big, giant, boots for walking around a horse’s stable and are usually camouflage. Lots of foresters wear ‘em.

1. SCULLY:           Ugh. Mulder. It feels like I’m stepping in—
2. MULDER:           That’s because you are, Scully. We’re out on a cattle ranch and you better believe it’s more than just mud.
3. SCULLY:           Perfect.

1.3: A flashlight gleams in their faces—they protect their eyes. Mulder has his badge up in his right hand.

4. FROM OFF:         FBI?
5. MULDER:           That’s us—Mulder and Scully.

1.4: From Mulder and Scully’s perspective: We can see TWO LOCAL POLICE—one is wearing SHERIFF stripes and is shining the flashlight at our heroes. The other OFFICER looks fairly young and sheepish and terrified.

6. SHERIFF:          HA! Watch out for that last step—
7. MULDER:         Please spare us.

1.5: Now Mulder and Scully are behind the Sheriff and the DEPUTY—all four of them are looking in horror at what is before them. The Sheriff is the only one who isn’t shocked by what he’s seeing.

SHERIFF:             Second one this week.

Then we go to a second page and see the dismembered body of the cattle rancher. 

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