Saturday, April 2, 2016

Batman v Superman - Dogfight - P. A. Nolte

1/ Roulette, seductive owner of the criminal underworld's premiere casino and hedonistic playground, purrs into a hanging microphone.  What can be seen behind her is minimal.  A dirt floor with a trace of a white chalk circle.  Chainlink fence.  Maybe a few outlines of the spectators or flashes beyond can be made out, but just barely.

Roulette: Evening, boys. I hope you scrounged together every last ill-gotten cent for this little number, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the floor is open!

Roulette: Tonight, we find out which cute, little puppy really is the Ubermensch's Best Friend.  That's right, it's--

2/ Krypto, a white Bull Terrier.  He's out of his mind.  Snarling and snapping.  The collar around his neck is hardcore.  Steel with a cluster of red rocks that are clearly having an adverse effect on him.

Roulette: Krypto!  The Mutt of Steel!

[Betweeen the panels of Krypto and Ace is the VS. chyron.]

3/ Ace, a black Great Dane.  Also out of his mind.  Also snarling and snapping.  The collar around his neck is also hardcore.  Steel with a series of tubes pumping a viscous green liquid directly into him.

Roulete: Ace!  The Bat Hound!

4/ The crowd is full of low-tier DC villains.  Any schmuck with a pair of tights and a strong enough commitment to a gimmick, no matter how terrible. The likes of Condiment King, Blue Snowman,  and Sportsmaster are all in attendance.  Sportsmaster is doing a little wave to the crowd.

Roulette (OP): Ooooo! Aren't they fierce?

Roulette (OP): Let's give a big thanks to Sportsmaster for acquiring all the elements we needed to really make this a show worthy of The House.

Roulette (OP): Each pooch has been outfitted wi--


5/ Over Roulette's shoulder, we see Superman hover through a crumbling wall and into the arena, his eyes pulsing red with the threat of heatvision.  Batman picks his way across the rubble, already wielding a Batarang or three.  The headlights of a Bat-vehicle of some kind, car or jet, illuminate them from behind.

Superman: Roulette!

Batman: We'd like our dogs back now...


  1. Daaang! Super-powered dog fighting would be terrifying. You've got a lot packed into these panels, but it all comes together into a rather enjoyable whole. Well done.

  2. Man, that was fun and a great take on the concept. Badass story.

  3. That was some major atmosphere you laid on there for the scene. I could see it with such clarity in my head. Well done.


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