Friday, April 1, 2016

Batman v. Superman--“World’s Finest: Lego Batfleck and SuperCavill learn to be Brave and Bold. (Not really.)”--David Press

So I had this wild thought--what if the various media interpretations of Superman and Batman--movie, classic, and Lego (because did you see that Lego Batman trailer? That looks fun!)--and tackled the same problem. How would each save Jimmy Olsen from Brainiac. So I merged all three into one story. 

PAGE ONE: This isn’t going to be easy on us especially since we’re going to be using the variations of Batman and Superman over the years. We’re going to tease all of them on this page.

1.1: We’re going to open on LEGO BATMAN as he comes home from patrol. Imagine the BATCAVE set in pristine Lego glory. The BATWING lands on a launch pad in the cave. Red lights, a computer, and various other things switch on.

COMPUTER [Unattached]:    Welcome home, Master Wayne.

1.2: Cutting away to MODERN BATMAN—Batfleck—jumping out of the jet and onto the platform. ALFRED stands next to him.

ALFRED:              Welcome home, Master Wayne. I’ve prepared your mother’s chicken soup.
BATFLECK:          Thanks, Alfred. Another quiet night, thank goodness.
ALFRED:               Please don’t say you’re “getting too old for this…”

1.3: Cutting away and LEGO SUPERMAN as he lands on the balcony to his and Lois’s apartment in Metropolis. Think of the balcony in the original Superman movie.

FROM OFF:                     Welcome home.
LEGO SUPERMAN:       Thanks. What’s for dinner?

1.4: Now we’re in the modern Superman with Cavill. He sits down at the table with Lois Lane.

LOIS:                Chicken Parmesan. The Parm’s from the farmer’s market.

1.5: Now to the final versions of the characters, I guess we’ll go with the comic interpretations of the characters in the sense that they’re good, decent people. In this case, CLASSIC BATMAN—like from Brave and the Bold—sits down at the computer.

BRUCE:               What’d we uncover this time?
COMPUTER:       A firebombing in the Lake District.
BRUCE:               Looks like I’ll be needing this to-go.

1.6: Now CLASSIC SUPERMAN biting into the Chicken Parmesan. When I mean Classic I mean the Christopher Reeve interpretation of the character—complete with underoos. He’s speaking through a mouthful of food.

SUPERMAN:            Good lord, Lois. Are you sure you weren't lying about where you got this cheese? Did you get Green Lantern or someone to fly you over to Italy to get this fresh Parm?

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