Monday, April 4, 2016

Campaign Comic - CRANKed! - Grant McLaughlin

I spent a good while trying to figure out what piece of media I'd want to cover, and in the end, Jason Statham's Crank just felt right.  I've included some screen grabs along with panel descriptions to help you follow along.

1 - On Chev Chelios' TV.  Onscreen, Ricky Verona is talking angerly towards the camera.

CAPTION (GM): "You're groggy, and it's hard to concentrate, but you understand that you've been poisoned by Ricky Verona and have less than one hour to live.

2 - Close on Chev's face.  He wears that half-stunned / half-mad expression that Jason Statham does so well.

CAPTION (GM): What do you do?

CHEV: I smash the shit out of the TV.

3 - Chev picks up the TV and prepares to slam it into the ground.

CAPTION (GM): Wait, what?

CHEV: I take the TV and smash it to pieces.

4 - Chev gives a good kick to the TV's screen.

CAPTION (GM): And how does this help your being poisoned problem?

5 - Chev stands, looking at the broken TV.

CHEV: ...

6 - Chev kicks it again.

CAPTION (GM): ...right.


  1. I laughed out loud at this one, and I got to give you props for going the extra mile and getting actual screen captures to go with it. Goes a long way to helping the impact, especially with the punchline (and it almost puts you half way to a fully completed page, to boot!)

  2. An alternative would be to pre-cut the card shapes into Batman and Robins' arch villains Joker, Penguin etc and let them colour these in. This is probably better for older children who would have some idea what these villains look like. Gotham Archives


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