Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Campaign Comic - King of the Ring - Jonathan Morel

Admittedly, this whole thing was much harder than I anticipated, but this being Wrestlemania weekend, I got inspired by the 1998 King of the Ring match and asked myself: what if wrestling was an RPG? I hope this works.

(highlights can be seen here)

Panel 1- (GM) Alright Mick, you are full health and are first on the initiative scale. Your nemesis is standing far away from you, on the other side of the cage surrounding the ring. The cage is five feet in front of you. What do you do?

Mick: I take a chair and my adventurer’s pack and throw it on top of the cage. Mankind then takes a double move and tries to climb the cage. I rolled a 15.

Mankind starts climbing the chain-linked cage.
Mark: What…?

Panel 2- (GM) Mark, Mankind is climbing the cage.

Mark: Darn. I shouldn’t have used all my spells in my entrance. The Undertaker climbs the cage as well. I’m taking 10 though.

The Undertaker slowly climbs the cage as well.

Panel 3- (GM) Both of you are standing on the cage. The terrain is difficult, so movement will be impeded. Mick, you are standing on the left side of the cage. There is a chair at your feet. Mark is groggy and standing on the other side, 15 feet away.

Mick- I pick up the chair and attack him. I have a proficiency bonus.

Marc- This is nuts…how?...sigh…fine…. but I fight back.

Panel 4- (GM) The two of you are fighting on the cage. You feel the weight of your bodies on the metal slowly giving way as the Undertaker is being hit repeatedly with the +1 Chairsword. Your characters, with an INT check, realize you should probably get off the…

Mick-…I grapple onto the Undertaker, when I realize he is about to throw me off.

Marc- No I’m not…

Mick- Yeah I’m pretty sure you are.

Panel 5- (GM) The Undertaker grapples Mankind and attempts to throw him off the roof. What is your Strength check?

Marc- I rolled a 5…

Mick- I rolled a 20 Dexterity check! I go first and am thrown off the cage!

(GM) That’s not how that works.

Jim (a third voice at the table)- I’ve delayed my turn, can I go now?

Panel 6- (GM) Hold on, Jim. Mick’s character has been thrown off the cage onto the announce table. He takes critical damage. Jim’s Charisma roll, with his bonus, allows him to act first.


(GM) Mick will need some healing after that brutal attack. Marc, what do you do?

Marc: but…but I barely…

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  1. Wrestling does seem like it could make for a great opportunity to try as an RPG setting.

    The bit about "+1 Chairsword" gave me a real laugh.


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