Sunday, April 3, 2016

Campaign Comic - Wild Soldiers - MK Stangeland Jr.

(There was a brief period of time prior to starting my current webcomic where I seriously considered trying to do a campaign comic around Red vs Blue, of all things, using the Savage Worlds RPG system. I didn't get any comics made, though I did succeed in writing character descriptions, a basic outline for the first season, and a handful of scripts.)

VI. Red versus Blue

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: SARGE stands with GRIF and SIMMONS. CHURCH’s head overlaps.

CHURCH: Did I hear that right?

GM: I’m with Chris. What did you say?

SARGE: It is now my sworn mission to destroy the blues!

Panel 2: Combined panel featuring SARGE, CHURCH, and TUCKER.

GM: …

Panel 3: Panel of Sarge.

GM: You had better have a **** good explanation for this.

SARGE: You dare doubt me?

GM: Given the circumstances?

GM (2): Yes.

Panel 4: Panel of Reach with SARGE head overlapping.

SARGE: This campaign started out as part of a war that has lasted for years.

SARGE: One that I have been part of from the beginning.

Panel 5: Panel of The Covenant with SARGE head overlapping.

SARGE: Our foes, the Covenant, had a decidedly blue color scheme, if I recall your description of them correctly.

GM: Yes, I believe…

GM (2): …

GM (3): ****

GM (4): Please don’t tell me...

Panel 6: CHURCH and TUCKER with SARGE.


SARGE (2): My war veteran senses can conclude only one thing – our blue-painted neighbors are allied with the Covenant and must be destroyed!


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