Sunday, April 17, 2016

Deal with the Devil - Curse of Desperation - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, night, tent. George sweeps several Egyptian artifacts off a table inside of his field tent. He is the only person in the tent. Several candle lamps light the tent.

1. CAPTION: Egypt, 1922

2. GEORGE: This expedition has been a waste. Is this fitting a Carnarvon? No. This is…


Panel 2
George stands away from a dark, slick stranger with a concerned expression.

4. STRANGER: What if I offered you the chance to write history?

Panel 3
The stranger holds out a rolled up piece of paper.

5. GEORGE: I don't know who the hell you are.

6. STRANGER: I'm the one offering you a deal to save this expedition. To leave your mark on history.

7. STRANGER: All I need is a little quid pro quo.

Panel 4
George signs a piece of paper as a stranger stands by the table.

8. GEORGE: Fine. I get your game. But you better delivery, though I doubt you can.

Panel 5
The Stranger rolls up the piece of paper while wearing an evil grin.

9. STRANGER: Oh, I can. Have you heard of “Tutankhamun”?


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