Saturday, April 30, 2016

Letter 44 - Ike Says No - P. A. Nolte

1/ Dwight D. Eisenhower charges through a hallway.  Behind him are two heavy doors that have just slammed shut.  To his left and right, trailing slightly behind, are a handful of older men in appropriate business and/or military dress.  There are also two low-level officers.  One of them speaks.

Caption: 1954.

Caption: Muroc, California.

Knapp: Do you think that was wise, sir?  If the others come.  Or are already here.  What they are offering--

Eisenhower: Tell me...

2/ Eisenhower has stopped in his tracks and swung around, nearly causing a head-on collision with Knapp.  His face is calm and collected, but has raised a clenched fist.

Eisenhower: Do you SLEEP well at night, Knapp?

3/ Knapp steadies his glasses.

Knapp: Y-yes, sir?

4/ Eisenhower continues to march through the nondescript halls of the base.  The others have followed suit, but have all shifted to the opposite side of Eisenhower than Knapp

Eisenhower: Well, I don't.

5/ Eisenhower has stopped again.  This time, he is about to exit what must be an outer door of the facility.  It is just being cracked open by one of the other men.

Eisenhower: And I will not LAY DOWN arms so that someone-- or someTHING else might wield them FOR me.

Eisenhower: I will not be DEFENDED at the cost of mw OWN DEFENSE.

6/ Knapp watches the door slam shut.  Eisenhower is gone.  The rest of the men all filed out behind him.  Knapp is alone.  Over his shoulder, far in the background, the double doors begin to glow.

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