Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter 44 - North of the Border - Grant McLaughlin

Lettering note: This page is made up of multiple different letters written by different people (the Canadian Prime Minister previous to the one in each panel).  Ideally, the handwritten lettering of the captions boxes would be different in each instance to help demarcate the different writers.

Also, I apologize that this script is a lot of inside baseball, but Canadian politics is kind of what I do, so I hope you can forgive me indulging myself slightly.

1 - 1873.  Alexander Mackenzie, Canada's second Prime Minister, sits in his office in the West Block building of Parliament Hill, holding a letter in his hand.  An envelope with a hand-written "2" lies on his desk in the foreground.

CAPTION (SIR JOHN A. MACDONALD) (1): I will not lie.  I did not think you would defeat me.

CAPTION (SIR JOHN A. MACDONALD) (2): But now that you have attained the premiership, there is a terrible truth I must pass on to you.

2 - 1896.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada's seventh Prime Minister, sits at his desk in the House of Commons.  He is the only one there, the lights are low, and he reads a letter.  He cocks one eyebrow at the contents he reads, holding the entire missive and envelope in his hands (the hand-written "6" might be partially visible on the envelope.

CAPTION (SIR CHARLES TUPPER) (1): Within our land's depths are creatures of a truly hellish aspect that thirst only for death and destruction.

CAPTION (SIR CHARLES TUPPER) (2): I know you will find this news difficult to believe.

3 - 1921.  William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's tenth Prime Minister, sits at a briefing by departmental officials.  Some wear military uniforms, others civilian attire.  Many charts, maps, and photos sit spread out on the table.  Their specific contents are not necessarily clear, but everyone wears serious expressions.  An envelope with a hand-written "9" may be visible among the documents.

CAPTION (ARTHUR MEIGHEN) (1): But the relevant ministries will have abundant proof to show you the truth of this threat.

CAPTION (ARTHUR MEIGHEN) (2): Not only to our country

CAPTION (ARTHUR MEIGHEN) (3): But to the world.

4 - 1963.  Lester B. Pearson, Canada's fourteenth Prime Minister, looks terrified as Mounties try to barricade a door, shadowy and dark creatures only partially visible as they try to get past.

CAPTION (JOHN DIEFENBAKER) (1): Past administrations have done everything in their power to hold these dark forces at bay.

CAPTION (JOHN DIEFENBAKER) (2): It is a thankless task, for the nation cannot know the dangers living beneath their feet.

5 - 1993.  Jean Chrétien, Canada's twentieth Prime Minister, stands outside in the snow, watching a military exercise of advanced military vehicles digging into the ground.

CAPTION (BRIAN MULRONEY): But the monsters must be held back and I'm sorry to say that the task now falls to you.

6 - 2006. Stephen Harper, Canada's twenty-second Prime Minister, stands in a secret weapons facility, looking on at even more advanced technologies being put together.


7 - President Blades sits in a briefing with his allies from China and France (perhaps their representatives are on video screens, with their country marked below).  Blade

BLADES (1): Canada?

BLADES (2): Why would we want them in this alliance?  I want countries who are useful.

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  1. Oh Snap! Poor Canada! Also, I love the use of Canadian history in this (as I would) and the issue that always plagues sci-fi: Ne pas le Canada!


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