Thursday, April 28, 2016

Letter 44 - Slick Operator - Perry Kent

This prompt reminded me of a little activist kerfuffle that happened in the Pacific Northwest some months ago involving kayactivists.

Panel 1
Interior, day, the oval office. A slick looking man in a suit passes the President of the United States a stack of photographs, though they aren't very distinct. The President of the United States of America sits at his desk. On the desk in front of the president is a file folder with a “TOP SECRET” on it. The slick man has a brief case on the floor next to him.

1. SLICK MAN: Mr. President, I'm here to talk about the activists in kayaks that are currently delaying the Slick Oil mining vessel.

Panel 2
The President flips through the photographs as he replies to the slick man.

2. PRESIDENT: Yes, I heard. We will deploy the Coast Guard to protect the mission.

Panel 3
The slick man pulls another bundle of papers from a brief case.

3. SLICK MAN: Thank you. But I came to talk about the PR problems our company is suffering due to the appearance of doing exploratory oil mining.

Panel 4
The President slams the papers down on the desk angrily. The slick man looks surprised by the outburst.

4. PRESIDENT: We contracted Slick Oil to retrieve the alien artifacts found in the arctic under the guise of exploratory oil mining. Go. Retrieve. Return. With all the risks and liabilities associated.

Panel 5
The slick man slides his papers back into his briefcase.

5. PRESIDENT (OP): And if Slick Oil tries anything funny, you'll find out just many three letter agencies we can shove down your throat.

6. SLICK MAN: Yes, Mr. President.


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