Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter 44: "The Under War Diary"--David Press.


1.1: We’re going to open on PRESIDENT BLADES, in half-tier thumbnail panel, laying down the scene. He’s in a bunker-like place; surrounded on all sides by metal. His hair has been white since Issue 24, but now it’s shaved down to a buzz-cut. There’s considerable scruff around his sharp Roman-chin. He’s also not dressed in a suit—he’s in a t-shirt and jeans. He looks like he’s been running; his face is covered in sweat.

BLADES:              They said we would only be down here for ten years.

1.2: Taking up the rest of the first tier—a shot on Blades’s face.

BLADES:              Well, clearly, they made a rough estimate.

1.3: Wide shot of the UNDERGROUND bunker Blades is in. It’s an old missile silo and throughout we see people bustling around in uniforms. The bunker is kind of like District 13 in the Hunger Games books, because people are all wearing the same uniform.

CAPTION [TIME/LOCATION]:  The White Bunker. 2030. Ten years after the World War 3 cease fire.
CAPTION [BLADES]:    “It’s been ten years since they came to take six hundred of us and end the planet.

1.4: We can see the CHANDELIER—the massive structure that the Builder’s built hovering in the space just past the Moon [reference:]—pointing at the Earth. Its turbines are charged up and it’s firing a thin laser at the Earth.

CAPTION [Blades]:    "It was unannounced."

1.5: A thinner panel, but still taking up the rest of the page of Manhattan expanding in a great big globe of light.


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