Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paranormal Romance – Do Vampires Dream of Undead Sheep: Sparkless Romance - Dr. Ludwig Von Helsinger (As told to MK Stangeland Jr.)

(Way way back when (over 5 years ago now!), before I was officially a member of Thought Balloons, I wrote a play-at-home script for DRACULA week. The script below was spawned as result of that script, an adaptation of part of a stage play that I tried working on for a short time that I haven’t ENTIRELY given up on one day completing yet.)

Panel 1: DRACULA sits at a bus stop somewhere in NEW YORK CITY. He’s wearing a black suit, with a black shirt and black tie, black shoes, and even black sunglasses, which all highly contrast his blood-drained white skin.

Sitting next to him is LUCY, a young woman who’s dressed for some kind of generic but decent if unglamorous job. She is looking in DRACULA’s direction. DRACULA looks back, annoyed and confused.

LUCY (1): Are you a vampire?

LUCY (2): I only ask because you have such white skin.

LUCY (3): Except, with the sunlight out…

Panel 2: DRACULA bares his teeth at LUCY, trying to look menacing. LUCY, however, looks excited.

LUCY (1): I knew it!

LUCY (2): What kind of makeup are you using?!

Panel 3: DRACULA is a mix of confused, annoyed, and disgusted at LUCY’s behavior as LUCY looks she could practically get up and do a little happy dance.

DRACULA (1): Woman, where…

LUCY (1): …does the blood flow strongest through my neck?

LUCY (2): I’ve often wondered that myself, but I think…

DRACULA (2): What kind of…

LUCY (3): Place have I been hiding all your life?

DRACULA (3): Just who do you think…

LUCY (4): You are?

LUCY (4): Why, only the man I’ve…

Panel 4: DRACULA practically explodes at LUCY, having had enough of whatever madness she’s spouting.


DRACULA (2): Would you STOP!

Panel 5: DRACULA looks angrily at LUCY as she recomposes herself.

LUCY: You’re right…

Panel 6: LUCY has laid down on the bench with her head o DRACULA’s lap. Her arm closer to DRACULA loosely grabs around the back of his neck, her other arm hands out loosely. Her neckline has been undone, LUCY having cleared her neck to make it easy for DRACULA to access. The scene might almost be sensual if it weren’t so ridiculous.

DRACULA looks down at LUCY, he has absolutely no idea how to react; he’s beyond even the point of knowing if he should be surprised and confused anymore.


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